A wooden bat league following NCAA baseball rules and guidelines.

Ohio Valley League Updated Website




Media Release: Ohio Valley League for Tuesday, May 23 2017


Ohio Valley League Updated Website


The Ohio Valley League now has a new and improved website! Included in the new website, there is a brand new roster tab and as well as a new coaches tab where you can have access to all of the teams’ players and coaches and as the season progresses, you will be able to access the coach’s and player's personal information.

The brand new events tab now features all of the promotional games around the league. Be sure to check back often, the events page will get updated regularly. Some events include the “A league of their own Night” hosted by the Dubois County Bombers and Fireworks hosted by the Hoptown Hoppers.

Each team will be featured on the new Teams tab where you can access each individual teams’ roster, stats, schedule, and scores. Below each team name, there is more information about their team.

If anyone has any questions regarding the website or anything about the Ohio Valley League, you can now use the contact us page to contact a representative of the OVL.

Be sure to also click the social media links at the top of each page to visit the Ohio Valley League’s new social media sites.