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​Media Release: Ohio Valley League Rescheduling Rainouts


The Ohio Valley League made the agreement to take every Monday off and make up all present and future rain outs as part of a future doubleheader for the remainder of the 2018 season. All teams have played 10 games except for the Henderson Flash and the Fulton Railroaders. Their rain out of last Saturday will be made up on Tuesday, June 19th when Fulton travels to Henderson for a regular scheduled game. The doubleheader will begin at 5 pm.

Last nights games that were rained out will be made up the next time that the Paducah Chiefs travels to the Henderson Flash (Saturday, June 16th), the Fulton Railroaders travels to the Muhlenberg County Stallions (Thursday, July 5th), the Owensboro RiverDawgs travels to the Madisonville Miners (Wednesday, June 20th), and the Dubois County Bombers travels to the Hoptown Hoppers (Wednesday, June 27th). Any future rain outs will be rescheduled as a doubleheader the next time the team that was travelling goes back to the home team's site. Unless agreed upon by the two teams, all doubleheaders will begin at 5pm local time.

We will take every scheduled day off that is on the league schedule for the remainder of the year unless we are forced to make changes as we near the end of the season and prepare for the playoffs. If that situation arises, we will discuss our options then and decide.

Our goal is to allow everyone some time to rest and be able to look forward to a day off. Thank you.

Rescheduled Times:

  • Saturday, June 16th – Paducah Chiefs at Henderson Flash – 5:00 PM CDT (Next game to follow)
  • Tuesday, June 19th – Fulton Railroaders at Henderson Flash – 5:00 PM CDT (Next game to follow)
  • Wednesday, June 20th – Owensboro RiverDawgs at Madisonville Miners – 5:00 PM CDT (Next game to follow)
  • Wednesday, June 27th – Dubois County Bombers at Hoptown Hoppers – 5:00 PM CDT (Next game to follow)
  • Thursday, July 5th – Fulton Railroaders at Muhlenberg County Stallions – 5:00 PM CDT (Next game to follow)